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CHF CHF29.00

Handy carabiner for fastening
Veggie Leather
Practical Must-Have
Designed In Switzerland

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Size Guide

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50 x 40 cm


50 X 70


70 X 90


90 X 120

Chihuahua Beagle  Labrador Retriever Bernese Mountain
Pug French Bulldog Siberian Husky Dog
Vulpine English Cocker English Bulldog German Shepherd
Cavalier King Toy Spaniel  Bull Terrier Saint Bernard Dog
Miniature Dachshund Dachshund  Collie  Mastiff
Italien GreyHound Cavalier King Charles Australian Shepherd Rottweiler
Jack Russell Terrier Whippet Weimaraner Malamute
Maltese Fox Terrier Boxer
Shih Tzu Welsh Corgi Bracco Italiano

That's why our furry friends and dog owners love the PetPoo Pouch

  • ● This Poopoo is a practical accessory for quickly having dog waste bags ready. This stylish dog accessory is for those who don't want to compromise on quality, functionality, and design.

● The Poopoo can be quickly attached to any keychain or dog leash and is made from Veggy-Leather.

  • ● This sleek and efficient accessory is a must-have for pet owners who demand the best in quality and practicality. It effortlessly attaches to keys or dog leashes, and its durable construction ensures it can withstand the wear and tear of daily use.

  • ● The "PooPoo" is easy to clean and machine washable.

  • ● Lovingly packaged. We cooperate with the Solvita Foundation, one of the largest social institutions in Switzerland with over 600 workplaces. People with disabilities occupy about half of these jobs.

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