What is your dog's favorite place to sleep?  It coult be the Snuggle Bag from PET & Co.!
We've all seen how cute it is when our sweet little pets snuggle up under the covers. Most of the time we can't help but take a few photos.
Have you ever thought about why your pet loves to hide or tuck himself in?
Originally, dogs were female, burrowing creatures that gave birth and weaned in a sheltered and covered place for up to three months. Although dogs don't live in dens year-round, they will seek shelter when sick, injured, or frightened. It is believed that the dog's natural tendency to feel secure in a safe place. most small retriever breeds (originating in Britain and Ireland) were bred to track foxes, rabbits and other small animals in underground dwellings. This burrowing activity drives terriers (like other breeds) to seek out small, hidden places to rest and sleep.

Dogs have three different sleep patterns:
1) Lying on and under a protective blanket
2) the need for support and
3) the need to straighten their sleeping pad.

Therefore, it is normal for your dog to find a convenient, comfortable, and safe place to sleep in your home. When your dog crawls under the covers, he craves the comfort and security of a natural sleeping environment.

Your dog will love snuggling up in their snuggle bag.

The Snuggle Bag from PET & Co. is the optimal size for a small to medium-sized dog. It wraps around your dog like a blanket, protecting their body while providing ultimate comfort.
The two-ply, ultra-soft blanket allows your dog to deform it into any desired position. On the one hand he can snuggle up in a soft faux fur and on the other side a flattering fabric cover made of a cotton blend awaits him.

The elevated shape of the Snuggle Bag allows your pet to cool down in the summer and stay warm in the winter.
When your dog is freezing in winter, he often resorts to crawling under a blanket.
Our Snuggle Bag is the perfect solution here, as you can finally offer your dog the desired resting place where he can snuggle up comfortably.