10 Hacks to play with Cats

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As a cat lover, you would want your feline friend to lead an active and healthy lifestyle. We have put together a list of 10 game ideas that will help exercise your cat's physical and mental abilities.

  1. Laser Pointer Chase:

Cats love chasing things, and a laser pointer is the perfect toy to get them moving. Shine the laser pointer on the floor, walls or ceiling, and watch as your cat darts after it.

  1. Fishing Pole:

Attach a feather or a toy to a fishing pole, then let your cat chase it around. It's a great way to get their blood pumping and their eyes focused.

  1. Catnip Toy:

Catnip toys are irresistible to cats. Get your cat moving with a catnip toy by tossing it around or hiding it in a different room.

  1. Box Hide-and-Seek:

Cats love hiding in boxes, and this game is a lot of fun for them. Hide a treat or toy inside a box, then watch as your cat tries to figure out how to get to it.

  1. String Game:

Dangle a piece of string in front of your cat and watch as they leap and pounce. A string game is a great way to exercise their mind and body.

  1. Wand Games:

Wand toys are perfect for interactive playtime. Wave the wand around and watch as your cat chases, pounces and jumps.

  1. Treat Puzzle:

Challenge your cat's problem-solving skills with a treat puzzle. Hide treats inside a puzzle toy, and watch as your cat figures out how to get them.

  1. Ball Pit:

Cats can't resist the allure of a ball pit. Fill a box or kiddie pool with plastic balls and watch as your cat dives in.

  1. Toilet Paper Roll:

A toilet paper roll can be a great toy for your cat. Simply toss it across the room and watch as your cat chases after it.

  1. Simon Says:

Teach your cat to follow simple commands like sit, high-five or jump. It's a great way to exercise their mind and give them some much needed mental stimulation.


Playing games with your cat is a great way to bond and keep them healthy. These 10 game ideas are guaranteed to keep your feline friend entertained and exercised. So grab your cat's favorite toy and get ready for some fun! Visit PET & Co. for more pet products and services that cater to your pet's wellness.