PET & Co. EST 2022

How it all began...The love for animals and the dream of the perfect cat tree...

When, more than 20 years ago, the two saints of Burma, Koi and Prada, found their way into Oliver's shop, he quickly realized that only a scratching post could save his tasteful interior from predators. What seemed so simple turned out to be a bigger challenge, because a functionally suitable and aesthetic scratching post was simply a rarity. So our handyman decided to take matters into his own hands. With skill, a lot of taste and love, he conjured up the perfect cat tree for his two house tigers. What then remained for a long time just a dream of owning your own pet supplies company has now finally become reality.

PET & Co. was founded in 2021 together with the siblings Kerstin and Sarah. The two dog owners with many years of background in the textile industry, in marketing and sales, are the creative minds behind the young brand. With a lot of passion and attention to detail, the team designs comfortable, easy-care and at the same time aesthetic products, tailored to the needs of dogs, cats and their owners. The varied, modern and well thought-out range is based on today's home & living trends. The unusual pieces of furniture support stylish furnishings and create the perfect atmosphere at home. True to the motto: «Create good vibes in your home and live in a happy place.»



PET & Co. relies primarily on natural and sustainable materials and attaches great importance to the fact that the resources needed to create the creations comply with contemporary ethical sourcing standards and animal welfare. Our motivation is to inspire our favorite four-legged friends and their owners with the variety of our high-quality products and to bring a breath of fresh air into their homes.



What drives us is our absolute passion for what we do. Our employees are open-minded and we value the international and diverse backgrounds of our team. It is the perfect recipe for creativity and positive vibes. We stand for optimistic humanity.